Pastel Pencil Techniques

Ever wanted to know how to use Pastel Pencils? Been using Pastel Pencils but want to know more about the techniques to use?

Colin Bradley

Artist Colin Bradley

You can learn all the techniques you need to succeed in this all in one E-Book “Pastel Pencil Techniques” created by Colin Bradley. Based on the popular e-booklets which are sold through his website, Colin combined his key e-booklets into this simple, easy to read document, complete with images/diagrams explaining every step of the way. But wait… that’s not all, included in “Pastel Pencil Techniques” is a previously unreleased e-booklet specifically designed for creating fantastic Pastel Pencil Portraits. This booklet is not available through his website and is worth an extra £3.95. So what does “Pastel Pencil Techniques” include?

Included in this one E-Book is 7 individual parts:

  • Part 1 : Starting out with Pastel Pencils
  • Part 2 : Pastel Pencil Base Colours
  • Part 3 : Pastel Pencil Random Techniques
  • Part 4 : Animal Eyes in Pastel Pencil
  • Part 5 : Guide Colours from Photographs
  • Part 6 : Trees & Foliage in Pastel Pencil
  • Part 7 (Exclusive Content) : Portraits in Pastel Pencil

All together the E-Book you will receive spans over 115 Pages of content and tuition. This truely is a fantastic deal, why? Because Parts 1 – 6 are available to purchase individually at £3 each with Part 7 worth £4. In total this book SHOULD cost you £22.00. However, as an introductory offer, you can purchase “Pastel Pencil Techniques” for just £14.95.

But that’s not all…

Included with every E-Book is a limited edition ‘Tiger’s Eye” Exercise sheet COMPLETELY FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Click the Buy Now button below to receive your copy of “Pastel Pencil Techniques” & “Tiger’s Eye” Exercise sheet now! When yourpurchase has been made, you can download the E-Book INSTANTLY, there is no waiting around for e-mails or shipping. You can start reading within seconds!

Buy Now

To view a sneak peek at some of the content of “Pastel Pencil Techniques” Click on the images below…

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